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  1. I've currently been working as a LVN for 2 years in a detox center which is the first job I got as a new grade I learn alot there such as med pass doctors orders accue checks and charting but far as bedside skills I lack I sometimes feel like I'm not learning much there, I've been offered a position at a SNF which I know I'll learn more there but it's be a more heavier workload but I want to learn more acute skills is it worth quitting my job that I have now to go to a SNF keep in mind I work every weekend Noc shift and 2 evening shifts during the week at my current job but I'm so eagered to learn more I've tried many places but nobody will hire me because I lack acute care skills
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  3. by   HouTx
    To answer your question - Yes, moving to a SNF environment would improve your chances of transitioning into a more acute care environment.

    Since you are an LVN, I am assuming you are either in TX or CA. It's very difficult for LVNs to obtain a hospital job in large Tx cities, but that is not the case in smaller cities and rural areas. You may also want to consider LTACs - they are basically 'acute care' hospitals that care for longer term patients so you would be performing the same type of skills and caring for the same type of patients as traditional hospitals.
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    Thank you that's what I was thinking I learn more there vs working in a detox center