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Hello, I am hoping I can get some advice on a situation I am experiencing. I went on an interview with state and went on one an ER. I heard back from the state job today with an offer for... Read More

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    Best advice, ask questions and be honest. You say that you heard back with an offer of employment from the state, so obviously they didn't hire you on the spot. They took all the applicants the had, weighed their options, and eventually decided you were the best fit. The least they can do is extend you a similar courtesy. Did you ask them when they need a response by? Probably not. In this economy, we tend to believe that we have no power in the hiring game. But you absolutely do! You should not be expected to leap at the first offer that comes you way. So again, ask the question. How soon do they need a response and how soon do they want you working. Honesty. This can take you a long way. Tell them honestly that you have another offer pending on the table. This does a couple if things. First, it affirms your integrity as an honest person. It reassures them that you are not a person that ever wants to be misleading. Second, it makes you more attractive! Now, not only are you the candidate that they chose, but now you're the candidate that other facilities want too. The supply/demand metric has now shifted in your favor. Now, they might not be able to get you for a bargain-basement price. They might just have to make an offer a little more attractive to lure you away from this mysterious suitor trying to woo you to another job. The hiring game is all psychology. The resume you hand me is only a fraction of the equation. To the others on here that tell you that you didn't get the ER job since they didn't offer it to you right away, you seem misinformed. If that has been their experience, then those were desperate hospitals. As a clinical manager and hiring manager, I have never pulled the trigger immediately. That's a sure-fire recipe for high turnover. This situation hits home because last month I lost a newly hired (10 days in) nurse to another position because mine was the first offer of two that he received. I was the bird in his hand. When the pediatric ER where he REALLY wanted to work called him with an offer, I had to go back to looking at resumes because he just couldn't turn down his dream position. A complete waste of time for me if he would have played it straight and told me the whole story. So, ask lots of questions, tell the whole story, make yourself a hot commodity, and then pat yourself on the back for landing whichever job you eventually take. You're in an enviable position that not many find themselves in. Take the time to be proud of that!
    Wow... I think I love you! Thank you so much for giving me the info from a Nurse Manager/ Hiring Manager perspective. Even if I do bit get this job, your words will be forever in my memory. Thank you very much.