Providence TIP Programs for August 2017 - page 4

Does anyone know when the Providence TIP Program for August will be starting? I'm merely curious, and can't seem to get a hold of an actual human being through HR.... Read More

  1. by   Drawlucky00
    Providence Saint John's is making phone calls now! I have been offered a position as a new grad! I know some units at Saint John's still interviewing! Good luck everyone!
  2. by   Studdedluv_RN
    Hello Everyone, I received a call today from Little Company of Mary in Torrance offering me a new grad residency position for the ICU! I'm excited to get a chance to work with this organization and hopefully to work with some of you. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting! I know it can be incredibly stressful waiting to hear back
  3. by   esipbisn
    Hi everyone,

    When is the program starting exactly?