1. 0 This may sound silly but the only thing that scares me about being a nurse is blood draws, iv's, things like that. When I was in school to become an EMT-Intermediate, I quit because I was horrible at drawing blood. On the dummies I did great, but when it came to actual people I sucked. Does anyone have any tips or any words of encouragement for me. I'm really worried about having the same thing happen in nursing school.
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    Hi sonja24
    I am an LPN who is not good at drawing blood. I am determined to overcome my fear of drawing blood. I'm going to be taking college classes to become a "phlebotomy expert." After I finish my classes I'm going to try to get a job at a Lab for at least 1 year. I figure after forcing myself to do this for a year I will get good at it and will no longer be afraid to draw blood. Good luck to you. :chuckle
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    Thanks for the response Blackcat99. Good idea. I guess I will have to take a phlebotomy class.

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