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  1. 0 Please help me. I'm trying to find a permanent full time job. Are there any really good websites that cater specifically to a nurse looking for a permanent job. I am willing to relocate, but don't want to work a travel assignment. There are so many website for travel nurses. What about us homebodies?!

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    first of all, welcome to allnurses!

    have you tried any of the links from this website yet? how about monster, careerbuilder, hotjobs?

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    Thanks for the tips! No, I haven't yet. I've only been putting "nursing jobs" into google.

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    In addition to what Topcat suggests alot of hospitals have websites with a link listing job vacancies. You can then apply direct to the hospital and specifically the area you are interested in.

    Also I think it helps to have a cover letter and resume ready. The good thing about hospital websites is that you can get the name of relevant personnel and address your cover letter to them. (stops you from being just another resume).
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    does anyone here take part in the hiring for their office/department? Maybe that would be helpful for tips. A friend of mine in Texas hires for her agency and she says gives her the best resumes.

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