Passionate about life, pregnancy and babies! What kind of nursing should I pursue?

  1. 0 I have only JUST begun to even CONSIDER nursing as a career. I am very new to the idea and I don't even know where or how to start looking at the different kinds of nursing that are out there!
    Any suggestions or advice?

    related facts: I don't relish extensive social interaction.
    I'm interested in all things pregnancy, babies and life (which is why I am currently looking at sonography...though it isn't nursing).
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    If you're interested in issues related to babies, pregnancy, and life, there are several areas of nursing that might be a good fit for you:

    1. Labor & delivery/OB nursing
    2. NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) nursing
    3. Mother/baby (postpartum) nursing
    4. Certified nurse midwifery
    5. Neonatal nurse practitioner
    6. Family nurse practitioner
    7. Pediatric nurse practitioner
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    I strongly disagree with the other person who posted and gave you a long list of possibilities. She did not hear that you do not like "social interaction." My advise, stay out of nursing. The core of the profession is interaction/engagment. Oh, there are probably jobs you can do that would not require it...but you have to become a nurse first...if you know this about yourself (and good if you do) then, look for something else. Sonography is not that perfect for you...women will have the babies in their belly and usually or could be upset that they are needed a sonogram. The technician and that would be what you would be, would need to be empathetic and caring, too.

    Great that you like babies. Have you thought of day care? Good luck...and sounds like you may need to keep looking....I do not think nursing will be a good fit.
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    Quote from dukemidwifeprof
    I strongly disagree with the other person who posted and gave you a long list of possibilities. She did not hear that you do not like "social interaction."
    Actually, I did read that part of the OP's post. It is my personal opinion that an individual can still become a successful nurse without necessarily desiring extensive social interaction.
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    Night shift in a NICU. Yes, there will be the ocassional parent -- particularly in the evening hours. But mostly, after 10 pm or so, it will be just you and the babies.
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    Well, we disagree then. Because to become a nurse, you have to get through the program. It takes communication and in my opinion ( I am a nurse of 36 years) it takes strong, well-developed communication skills. Sure there are jobs that do not require it after you get liscensed. But first, you have to get through school. Students who I work with who are timid, unwilling to extend themselves to communicate with patients, families, and other professionals, do not do well. Just a difference of opinion, that's all.

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