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If someone who has a bachelor of science degree in Nursing has a revoked license.... Is there anything else they are able to do with this degree since they obviously are not able to practice... Read More

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    Quote from Preeps
    Well when it says "list all licenses" you just don't list it because you no longer hold a current license. If it says past license you can put past RN but it is no longer active.
    If it asks if you have a revoked or suspended license I guess you would have some explaining to do.

    I guess it depends on the circumstances. One could lose the license and still be perfectly able to teach, they are not going to harm anyone.

    I agree but with the understanding that it can't be in nursing... Many scholarly people have lost nursing licenses and become excellent school teachers. God knows we need good teachers in the south. I just don't know how this would work if someone wanted to progress and a license suspension was on record... beyond my knowledge.

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    some places like step by step mr/dd don't always require a license.
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    You don't need a current license to get into clinical research. Try to get an entry level position with one of the large CROs like quintiles or PPD, etc. as a CRA-clinical research associate. You may need to relocate and there is a lot of travel. You could also become a clinical research coordinator. Gateway Comm. Coll has an online program.
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    Sad to say, I think you are out of luck unless you are willing to get a BS in some other field. Your BS is in NURSING: as soon as you cite it, your licensure WILL be investigated.

    And there is a difference between a "current" license" and NO license.
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    Quote from Preeps
    The person in question still has a bachelors degree. They may not be an RN but they have the degree. They could teach (not nursing) but they could take some extra classes and teach school-or like someone else sugested substitute teach. There is no reason they have to mention that the license is not current.
    The Bachelors degree is in NURSING, period. BAs don't transfer from one subject to another. A BSN is not the same as a BS in Sociology, and any legitimate institution does it's homework.

    A BSN is worthless outside nursing, and anyone wanting to substitute teach is looking at 4 more years of ED classes, minimum. And they probably woild not be accepted, given the background checks done on teacher candidates, these days.
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    Closed as thread run its course and OP has not been back in over a year.

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