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Oregon RN needing ideas for nursing practice hours

  1. 0 I am an RN in Oregon. When we moved here I worked in the telemetry unit at our only hospital for over a year. At that time we were going to be moving away so I quit my job. As it turns out we didn't move, but in the chaos of my hubby's new practice and needing someone at home I didn't have enough hours to renew my license ( I was only 200 hours short . I then took the re-entry course over a six month period - only to exit this with a hiring freeze. I have been submitting my resume consistently for a year and a half and have finally been offered a job that will work great with our family. Here is the catch. This is a relief position and I will not have acrued enough practice hours to renew my license in May. I don't think it would be right to take this position knowing I would have to quit in May. I'm wondering if anyone has ideas on how to supplement my hours so I will have enough to renew. I think it is ridiculous that you have to have 960 hours in only a two year period for the first time you renew after the re-entry program. Normally it is 960 hours in the past five years.
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    How do you "prove" practice hours? Can you "practice" in another state? Could you do home health for the hours and return to your telemetry? That is a lot. I was looking at getting an OR license and saw that requirement. Luckily I have 960 hours but I havent seen that anywhere else I have been looking at.