NYP New Grad Dec 2016 Meet and Greet - page 2

I signed up for New York Presbyterian's Dec 2016 Meet & Greet. I was later contacted and had a phone interview. When I was on the phone, the woman I was speaking to said it would be Dec 1, 2016 and... Read More

  1. by   jpskys
    Hello All! I received the "top candidate" email about 2 weeks after attending the December 1st meet and greet. My status also says "future consideration." From older posts it looks like those that went to the June meet and greet last year just had to wait it out and were getting job offers all the way through October of last year. NYP is my top choice so I hope to hear from them soon!
  2. by   rnbelle915
    Same here! Although I put Weill Cornell as my preference and noticed there are more RN positions at Columbia so I am hoping for the best at this point.
  3. by   jpskys
    I put Cornell as my preference as well ... I wonder if anyone has gotten word for a second interview or even offers yet.
  4. by   derpityderpderp
    Haven't heard a peep.
  5. by   derpityderpderp
    Haven't heard a peep.
  6. by   rnbelle915
    I haven't heard anything yet but it applied me to a position at Cornell and it says "under review." Did that happen to anyone else?
  7. by   derpityderpderp
    Mine just says "under review" - doesn't specify campus location. So yours says Cornell under your status? Does it show you for which position/is it one of your top 3 choices?
  8. by   maplesyrup572
    Mine still says "Future Consideration" but I asked for Columbia campus, maybe they have not done those yet?
  9. by   jpskys
    I put Cornell and mine still says "Future Consideration" ...
  10. by   jpskys
    Does it list a department that you are under review for? If you don't mind sharing what areas did you tell them at the meet and greet that you wanted to work in?
  11. by   rnbelle915
    It said "under review" for specific positions on my dashboard that I didn't formally apply to. Sorry I'm late responding to this thread but I accepted another job offer and have been busy doing paperwork for that. Good luck to all of you!
  12. by   Buffoonne
    I also attended meet and greet event on December 9th and my dashboard says "future consideration" under December 2016 New Graduate RN Meet & Greet and "application under review" for Staff Nurse - RN - Cardiothoracic Stepdown Unit - Nights which I didn't apply to...
  13. by   Buffoonne
    in what unit did you get your offer?