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  1. hi, I'm a nursing student(first semester0 at Douglas College, in British Columbia,Canada. Nursing is what I've wanted to do from the beginning and I probably won't be changing my mind, even though I've read so much negative info from other nurses!Wow,that's kind of sad to hear.But i was wonderin if there is a nurse out there who has at least 8 years experience and is currently practicing and would like to have an online discussion(thru e-mail)about current issues, career,location, stuff like that. This part of my studies where I have to meet a nurse online. If there is anyone out there you may reply back or e-mail me at Thanks, I'm looking forward to hearing from someone soon!! By the way my name is Raman Gill and I'm 19 years old.
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  3. by   Tiara
    Hi Ramen: Welcome! Just wanted to mention that what you think is negative is really about people who love their profession wanting to see positive changes after quite a while of not getting them! The sad part is that nurses love nursing and want to do the best work they possibly can.