Nursing Schools in the Northeast

  1. 0 I am planning on majoring in nursing when I go to school and am looking for colleges in PA, NY, and OH. (If you have any suggestions in New England that's fine, too.) I would like the college to be kind of difficult to get into and have a good reputation. Thanks for any suggestions!
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    i know that monroe community college in rochester, new york has an associates degree rn program. it is a very competitive program with a substantial wait list. your grades on your prereqs is what gets you in the program. it is a very very well respected program. i just graduated from there in may and it was not easy by any means. some of the nurse managers i have spoken with at the area hospitals would prefer to hire an mcc graduate over a 4 year school graduate - that should speak for itself. our 1st time pass rate for nclex is 98% - awesome - gives me some much needed confidence. good luck with your search.

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