Nursing Nightmares

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    Hello, everyone!

    I'd like to pursue a BSN after I finish high school. The security of nursing especially appeals to me, as I know that nursing is an in-demand profession. I am not concerned about "getting" a job, but I am worried about "keeping" a job. Coming from a family of nurses, I've heard nightmares about being fired/sued/losing one's license due to minor issues.

    Are these situations common? Have you ever experienced a similar problem?

    Thanks for the input!


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    While it is a field that requires you to know what you are doing there wouldn't be all of us still working if it was so easy to be fired/sued or lose your license over minor things. If you want to be a nurse keep in mind that you will need to practice safely but do not let the fear of losing your license stop you from trying.

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