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  1. I am a new grad nurse who just graduated 3 weeks ago and I am wanting to apply to a critical care internship at the hospital I am currently working at as an aid. It is very competitive and I was hoping to get some advice on my resume so far. The "Clinical Skills" section is quite long and I even left out quite a bit more than I wanted to but it was becoming extensive, I'm not sure if this is a good or bad idea to include all that information. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    To gain acceptance into the RN Internship Program where I can begin the path to become a critical care nurse and further my career at Atrium Medical Center.

    10/2011 - Present
    Atrium Medical Center
    Patient Care Technician, Intensive Telemetry Unit
    • Performed procedures such as blood glucose monitoring, EKG's, inserting and removing foley catheters, and removal of IV's per nursing instructions.
    • Provided basic care to patients such as bathing, grooming, dressing, feeding, assistance ambulating, etc.
    • Obtained specimens, weights, and vital signs of patients
    • Measured and recorded patient's intake and output
    • Monitored patient conditions and reported changes to nursing staff

    06/2007 - 11/2007
    Woodforest National Bank
    • Educated customers about bank products
    • Provided customer service to resolve issues for account holders
    • Provided transaction services to customers
    • Created marketing strategies to attract new customers

    08/2005 - 06/2007
    Cornerstone Consolidated Services Group Inc.
    Customer Service Representative
    • Input purchase orders from customers for four brands
    • Answered inbound calls and emails in support of customer needs
    • Promoted to drop ship department to provide customer service for vendors and clients
    • Helped to write the handbook for the drop ship department
    • Met with vendors to review new items to be selected for catalogs

    American Heart Association
    CPR Certified for Healthcare Provider

    Miami University
    Associates of Applied Science in Nursing
    Completion Date: May 2012
    GPA: 3.69
    Graduated with honors, cum laude
    Recipient of the Clinical Achievement Award
    Miami Student Nurses Association member
    Phi Theta Kappa member
    Peer Tutor in anatomy and physiology, chemistry, math and microbiology
    Deans list, four semesters
    Presidents list, one semester

    Atrium Medical Center - Labor and Delivery, January - March 2011
    Children's Medical Center - Pediatrics, March - May 2011
    Mercy Hospital - Medical/Surgical I, January - May 2011
    Medical/Surgical II, August - October 2011
    Miami Valley Hospital - Psychiatrics, August - October 2011
    Kettering Medical Center, Cardiac Care Unit, Clinical Preceptorship, January - May 2012
    Otterbein - Geriatrics, October - December 2011
    Sojourner Recovery Services - Psychiatrics, October - December 2011

    • Facilitated communication by promoting psychological comfort, active listening, interviewing, patient teaching and discharge planning.
    • Used critical thinking skills to provide efficient and quality care to patients.
    • Promoted a safe environment with safety equipment such as call lights, side rails, restraints, etc. and implementing seizure precautions.
    • Promoted hygiene through bed making, bathing, oral care, denture care, hair care, foot and nail care.
    • Assisted with Elimination by providing a bedpan and urinal, caring for incontinent clients, and administration of enemas.
    • Promoted infection control such as hand washing, using clean disposable gloves, using sterile technique when needed and caring for clients under isolation precautions.
    • Promoted activity and mobility by assisting with moving and positioning clients in bed, minimizing orthostatic hypotension, transferring from bed to chair and assisting in ambulation.
    • Promoted nutrition through feeding dependent clients, assisting clients with impaired swallowing, obtaining body weights and monitoring intake and output.
    • Gained assessment skills through taking vital signs and performing a shift assessment including general survey and inspection and focused assessments.
    • Provided pressure ulcer care by performing risk assessments, prevention strategies, cleaning and applying topical applications.
    • Provided wound care such as changing multiple dressing types, cleaning wounds, applying prescribed ointments and creams, and assessing and emptying wound drainage collection devices.
    • Promoted oxygenation through oxygen administration, airway maintenance, suctioning, and use of incentive spirometry.
    • Provided enteral nutrition through administration of bolus and continuous tube feedings, administration of medications through a feeding tube and care of PEG tubes.
    • Insertion, care, and removal of catheters for males and females. Caring for suprapubic catheters.
    • Peri-operative nursing care including preoperative assessments and checklists, teaching, physical preparation and providing surgical wound care.
    • Administration of medications including IV, oral, topical, eye, ear, inhalants and suppositories.
    • Intravenous therapy such as inserting IV's, regulating flow rates, assessing for infiltration etc.
    • Administration of injections including subcutaneous, intramuscular, and intravenous push.
    • Teaching and home health management by risk assessment and accident prevention, teaching self-administration of non-parental medications and teaching self-injections.
    • Facilitated admissions, discharges and transport; organized chart notes and other documentation.

    Letters of recommendation are included.
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  3. by   eleectrosaurus
    Hi Britttany,

    I'm a new grad too, I wanted to give you some feedback that a few professonals and hiring people shared with me. My first draft of my resume looked alot like yours and I ended up doing a major overhaul.

    Experience, relate everything to nursing skills. If it doesnt relate, drop it. When you were a teller did you have to do teaching to a variety of clients, challenging clients? Did you have to do alot of time management? Calculations? In customer service did you deal with irate clients? Data entry, do you know your typing speed, computer proficiency. When you met with vendors, do you have significant experience holding meetings, being in a leadership position? etc. relate relate relate.

    Nursing experience, erm. Problem is every nursing grad had done these things. its assumed. A launrdry list of skills will get your resume in the trash pile

    What was recommeneded to me was to highlight a few things from each clinical that are unique, special and show you are a cut above the rest.

    my inner city med surg:
    - provided comfort and support to the marginalized such as the homeless and iv drug users.
    - provided safe and appropriate total care to incarcerated patient from San Quentin Prison
    - planned and provided care for super obese clients +600lbs
    - Participated in discharge planning including education, identification of community resources and rehabilitation programs that are accessable for the client
    talk about a labor that you did amazing care, could have went bad, etc etc.

    Clinicals: how about cronologically rather that alphabetical? your call.
    Education: I took ACLS and PALS in my final semester, time will tell if it helps

    Doing a bunch of revisions on my resume was a pain, but at the end of the day it came out much better than a majority of classmates.

  4. by   BrittanyNicole
    I have done a total revision on my resume, I thought the nursing skills was a bit much, I saw another resume that listed them, but I felt like it was kind of obvious that most nursing grads have these skills so I decided to just delete them. Thanks so much for your advice!
  5. by   eleectrosaurus
    YW, goodluck on the application. You already have your foot in the door, use your contacts as much as possible. get everyone talking about you! don't be afraid to bug the hiring manager "I'm checking the status of my application" .

    I used a contact and have an interview next week, 600 applicants, SRSLY, not to be taken for granted.

    All the best, it's a jungle out there!!
  6. by   CarryThatWeight
    WAY too long! I've read that the average recruiter spends 30 seconds looking at each resume. You need a lot less info and a lot more "white space." This worked for me.