Nursing as a career

  1. I'm starting a CNA class very soon, then I'm going on to get my PN license and lastly going on to be a RN. Now that I've been reading such negative things about nursing from this board and other boards I don't know If want to go further than being a CNA. If someone (anyone) can please give me some advice! Also tell me some negative and positive things about nursing. I know a good positive is being able to help people and that's what I want to do. Any advice would be great! Thanx
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    No one should spoon feed anyone who wants to be a nurse with untruths about nursing. What you view as "negative thinking towards nursing" is NOT negative, but truth about what nurses are dealing with today. If you want a gravy job in nursing, you are kidding yourself about the outcome of that. There aren't any gravy jobs in nursing. Nursing is very hard work. It is very frustrating at, most times. The rewards are when you see your patients getting better, and showing appreciation for your part in their health improving. Those patients DO do those who think nurses are there as their personal maids, and nothing more. I hope you think TWICE about entering nursing if you think you are being fed a bunch of negativity about nursing by reading nurses talk about it. I highly recommend that you jobshadow a CNA before you start the CNA program. That will give you a livid picture of nursing at its honest best. I wish you well in your endeavors. Don't go into anything with blinders on. EVERY job has its downside and upside, and you've got to be disciplined enough to deal with both aspects of work whether it is in nursing or working at a fast food restaurant.