nursing as a career?

  1. yes, I would recommend nursing as a career, but new nurses and old nurses should adjust to each other and help each other. the new graduates need mentoring and the old nurses just are not making the grade. all of the old nurses, that I have worked with thus far, do is complain and criticize the new graduates for their lack of expertise in situations of patient care which require knowledge and experience. if you want that new nurse to become as good as yourself, you have to mentor that new nurse and allow the stupid questions that a new nurse will ask. if you don't have time to answer the stupid questions at that time, then make time after whatever situation has died down. i also think that mentoring starts in the nursing school with the nursing instructor, both in lecture and clinicals. i am a nurse with 2 years of experience after changing careers; i was a medical claims examiner with over 25 years experience in processing medical insurance claims and i have always wanted to be a nurse. i hope to someday teach if i am given the opportunity.
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  4. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    What are you asking for? Not enough info given to vote in your poll.
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    do you favor mentoring a new nurse as opposed to criticizing a new nurse for the care that he/she implements to her/his assigned patients? also, do you think that mentoring a new nurse would help in the nursing shortage? this is a two part survey.