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How did you get those jobs? Where did you look? I think that would be helpful in my field of interest--Community and Public Health. I would appreciate any info. Thank you! :)... Read More

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    Flu shot clinics are great. You can probably apply year round. I too have seen ads on Craigslist and found the one I did on that site.

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    I've worked 3 seasons (September-December) for The Immunization Clinic That Must Not Be Named. They usually start hiring for fall in June. They were badly understaffed last year, and actively recruited throughout the season.

    If you see a flu clinic at the supermarket or Wal*Mart, and the person running it isn't busy, ask them how to sign up.
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    Quote from St_Claire
    Do a google search for immunization clinics/flu clinics. Then apply to all of them. Be honest with the days you are willing to work. I did them last fall and LOVED it! They usually over hire for these to ensure coverage. I make sure to pick up events when they call last minute.
    I was badly burned by a shady Rhode Island-based immunization clinic. Be wary of any clinic provider that won't return phone calls or expects you to work in a state where you're not licensed.
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    I worked with maxim healthcare
    and liked it.

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