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    Hi everyone,

    I graduated this past May and passed my boards last month. I was offered a position at a very good hospital - and I was excited and accepted immediately. Unfortunately, after weeks of going back and forth with the recruiter.. I was just told the position will not be available until at least the end of the year.

    So, for a few weeks, I have been trying to look for jobs, and I feel very behind, especially since many new graduate opportunities are now closed. I did have an offer at another hospital, but declined due to the other job I accepted that has now screwed me over.

    I graduated with a 3.9, I volunteered, had an internship, as well as worked as a nurse's aide at the local hospital. I think I have a reputable resume.. but I cannot seem to get any interviews.

    any tips?

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    Welcome to the life of a new grad! You probably already know that new grads are having a very, very tough time finding a job, let alone even an interview. I am one of them.

    The reality is, the economy doesn't care that you were an excellent student with a stellar resume.

    All you can do is make sure you are marketable. And keep applying everywhere. Wait until the new batch of new grad programs open up, but in the meantime, keep checking for job postings. Some hospitals do not offer a formal "new grad program," but they do offer new grad positions here and there. Do not give up hope!

    Chin up! You are not alone! We will (eventually) find a job!
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    Sorry, I can only offer sympathy. There are a ton of RN jobs around here. However, they are all for experienced RNs
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    Same problem here. Its annoying but something will come up eventually. Dec should bring about more new grad positions with the graduating class.
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    thank you for the encouragement! I am trying to find hospitals that hire new grads and hopefully something will come along
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    I understand where you're coming from. In my experience, I applied in long term facilities such as nursing homes, clinics and such. I was able to get so much response within a week. My first job ever was in a nursing home. While I was there, I got my certifications some provided by the company like BLS, IV and some I went and got it on my own (ACLS, PALS). I was also looking for hospital jobs on the side while working there. I was able to learn and practice my skills so much that after 10 months, I got a call from a reputable hospital and got the job! Having my certifications even though they're free when you got in to the hospital made me stand out with the other applicants. It also motivated me as a nurse.

    Hope this helps. Good luck and God speed!
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    I also had my acls and pals before I graduated and in my area those certs have not helped me at all! I took tgem to help my chances.and still no interviews from anywhere where I would use them. I paid for both and they are expensive courses running $200-250 in my area. Id say get them if you have the extra money but its not giving me an edge as a new grad nurse :/
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    HI ed25

    I been reading some comments and I saw that you went for an interview for a fellowship program.
    Can you give me any tips how the interview is? What do they ask? Thank you very much...
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    Don't get discouraged. The economy is bad and the competition is tough.
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    Help!!! I interviewed yesterday for icu fellowship and the interview last 15-20 min. I was interviewed by 2 nurses manager from icu. They were extremely nice, but they only asked me 3 questions, and asked me to ask them questions. I asked them about 7 questions, and I asked for a tour they were really happy that I asked for it. They showed me everything and introduced me to the staff. My concern is that in the end she told me to email her next week and ask about the process. She also told me to put on the email things we discuss do she knows who I'm. Is it a bad sign. She said to email her so she can tell the DON about me. I asked how many openings she said 6 and is interviewing 20 people. I'm really anxious about it. This is a dream opportunity. I'm a new-grad no experience. Thank u!!!

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