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  1. Hi everyone,
    I am a new RN who had a strong desire to enter the specialty field of L&D. I landed the job of my dreams but was unable to continue my employment due to problems with my long-time business that needed to be settled. I have now closed my business and am ready to reenter the nursing field (as a new grad). I have been offered several great opportunities working in LTC. I have also noticed that the hospital I was employed at for a short 3 months has job postings in L&D. I am having mixed emotions on which job to persue. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. I need to make up my mind quickly!!!!
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  3. by   llg
    Do you still really want to work L&D? Your first post didn't really say. Did you like it the first time? Did it seem like a good fit for you? Did you leave that job on good terms with the management team. What were their impressions of your performance? Did they understand your reasons for leaving the first time?

    If you were doing well in L&D and left on good terms with the management, there is no reason not to re-apply if that is the field that interests you most. Be prepared to discuss why you left the first time and reassure them that you are now in a position to fully commit to the job. However, if you were not doing well and/or left on negative terms, they would be unlikely to hire you again.

    LTC is a very different environment from L&D. If that is the type of care that most interests you, go there. Only you can figure out which type of care interests you most.