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New Grad RN w/ job, but seeking another...

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    good morning everyone,

    i graduated jan/2011, took nclex in march, and was fortunate to land a ft position on a med-surg/telemetry unit in may. although i am very grateful for this position and aware of how the job market is right now, i knew from my first day on the floor that the unit was a bad fit and have wanted to resign since. the patient ratio of our med-surg floors are 1:8, and most are s/p 1 day open heart surgery, cath lab, etc. the acuity level of patients' conditions are comparable to step-down units and icus in the city (as stated by hiring manager) .

    the general advice for new grads is to get that golden 1-2 years of experience and venture out from there. that is/was my intention, but my interest was always in social work, psych/behavioral health and would really like to pursue this area. i know in my heart of hearts that critical care/cardiac nursing is not for me. i get jitters and feelings of incompetence at work like most new nurses, and i am trying my best to take it one shift at a time and just roll with the punches. but i am resolved in my decision to really pursue psych.

    with all that being said...

    i'm totally lost in how i should revise my resume or if i should at all?
    my technical date of hire at current hospital is may/2011. should i put this on my resume as xxx hospital may 2011-present? i do not know if prospective employers will look at this suspiciously that i've been there for less than a year. or should i apply to positions as a new grad, without any mention of my current place of employment?

    i'd appreciate any insight or feedback!
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    You've been at your current job for longer than just orientation, so yes, I would list it on a resume. Also, I would not quit your current job until you have something else lined up. It may be cardiac but it is nursing experience none the less.