New Grad in Miami...HELP!

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am in need of some desperate help. Here is some background information: I just graduated in May with an Associate's degree from a school in Las Vegas, NV. Now I live in Miami, FL and the problem with that is I do not know ANYBODY. I have been applying to jobs every single day and some of them multiple times. All I get are rejection emails, the usual. I started an online program to get my BSN. I am BLS and ACLS certified. Unfortunately, I am not blessed to have experoence as far as being a CNA, etc. How can I possibly get a job? I apply to hospitals, senior care facilities, vaccination clinics, you name it. There is even a waiting list to volunteer at hospitals. Since it seems you need to know someone to get a job, I guess I am really stuck since I have no connections whatsoever. Any advice would be enormously appreciated.

    Thank You!

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