1. 0 Hello, does anyone knows whats on the NET test? im will be taking this Nurse Entrance exam test this August and im a little nervous. My weak areas are math, espically Algebra, thanks in advance...

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    Here are a few threads to point you in the right direction.



    I practiced my math (especially - percents, decimals, fractions, basic algebra equations, adding, subtraction etc.) and did well on the math part. The reading was not hard either.

    Good luck
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    The NET tests your English and math. Make sure you know how to convert fractions to decimals to percents, etc. That was a good portion of the math. The reading was basically read this paragraph and answer some questions. I did not consider it to be that difficult of a test. It helps if you have taken a college math class prior to testing. You'll feel more comfortable. Also there is some personality type questions and questions about test taking skills. Good luck!
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    Thanks for all of the info! I'm going to have to take the NET as well, and at least I have a better understanding if what it covers.

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