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Hello, Just need some advice. Iam a 33yo male, currently taking pre-req's at a local community college for entry ,hopefully, into a adn or bsn program, depending on the grades. I am also in... Read More

  1. by   undertaker
    In response to TraumaRU's, mapleton, Ill. I have a very strong interest in Trauma or the OR, but I know they are very competitive to get into. I Definitely will look into a shadow or trying to get some exposure. Thanks for the advice!
  2. by   laurakc
    I have been in nursing for almost 8 years. It is funny, things have changed so much in only 8 years. My only advice is you can't help everyone, and when they are ready for help, they will ask for it. I am a ER nurse and find that it is usually when people want to do things their way, but get the outcome that they want that it stresses me out the most. I think nursing is a great field, but I am sure it is not for everyone. Now, blood and grief don't normally bother nurses. It is usually the fact that you can work your entire shift playing "waitress, maidservant, etc" and then when the family complains about you, it is not usually the nursing skills they are talking about. It is most often that someone wanted tea and you served them coffee, or you got a drop of blood on the blanket when you were starting the IV, or something like that. It is rarely that they doubt your ability as a nurse. THAT IS VERY FRUSTRATING!!! But it is all worth it when you can save lives and change lives occassionally. Just always be able to bite your tongue, smile and remember the few times that you were glad to be there for the patient or family.