Need advice- stay in med/surg or take a home health job?

  1. Hello fellow nurses,
    I am a new graduate nurse (may 2012), and have been working on a med/surg floor at a hospital since June. I got engaged in September, and my fiance will be moving 2 hours away to Minneapolis, MN in January. We've lived together for 3 years. I have 2 options: stay in my current job for 6 more months to get my 1 year of med/surg experience as the unwritten rule goes, or take a home health care nursing job I was offered in Minneapolis. I really don't want to begin a long distance relationship, and I don't want to make any negative career moves as a new grad. However, the home health care job has awesome hours, and my current job is night shift. I have a few years of LTC experience as a CNA then as a LPN. I feel I have developed good assessment skills. I ultimately want to live in Minneapolis, but every hospital up there wants 1 year of acute care experience. Nurses- what do I do? Will hospitals count my six months of M/S as experience? Will home health be a bad career move at this point? Thanks for any advice!
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    110 views but no advice? Cmon!
  4. by   DEgalRN
    I would personally make the move. But I also ultimately don't want to work in acute care. Do you? I'm finding more and more the golden year isn't a year anymore anyway. If you want to work in a hospital I would move and continue to job hunt once there.