Need advice. Current CNA looking to move up

  1. Hi everyone! First timer, recently discovered this website

    I'm currently 28years old. Since I was 16 I have either volunteered at pediatrics, hospitals or have had health related jobs. I have also been a caregiver (known as Direct Support Professional)

    In 2008, I was attending Community college to enroll in the RN program. However, I had an injury that lead to having my life on hold. Constant doctor appointments, therapy, surgery. I stopped going to school. It was until I was finally released from care and able to get back to my goal.

    The quickest way was taking a CNA course through the adult school, just to get my foot back in to the field. As much as I enjoy working as a CNA, it's not my career goal. I have always enjoyed the NICU. (As I previously volunteered there as a college bound student). I would love to be a NICU RN

    However I am having problems trying to get to my goals. One counselor tells me one thing, another advises something else. Fellow LVN coworkers state to do community college as it is cheaper. Working full-time, counselor advise it would be about 2 years before getting into the LVN Program; another year. That's a bit disappointing to me since I have been out of school so long. Other LVN. Coworkers tell me to do private. Quick, but expensive. Then go to college for RN/BSN.

    Any advise from fellow or current students will help! How were you able to succeed?! If it helps, I am located in CA & nursing here is ridiculously expensive!

    Thanks everyone
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  3. by   Sam J.
    Private VN schools in CA will set you back upwards of $40,000 (no typo) when you account for 'every' added expense. And CCs are inundated with people that want in VN programs, so those wait times continue to increase (some 3 years or longer just to APPLY), which allows private schools to continue to jack up their fees. If you want to become an RN in the end, is it worth the years and breathtaking debt to first attempt to become a VN? If you do go to a private school, what will you owe that school in 3 years or 5 years when you want to go to RN school? $75,000? Not only that, VN pay in CA is sad, sad, sad- and DROPPING.
  4. by   not.done.yet
    I would advise you to stay far, far away from private schools. Research NCLEX pass rates (these are public record) of the school you are considering attending and the salary average in your area versus the amount of money a private school requires. You will find often that the private schools are not preparing their students well for passing the NCLEX. Trust me, you still have to pay those loans even if you never work a day as a nurse or get a license.

    I paid less than 8K for my ADN at the local community college. Of course it took time. Anything worth having does. You can't erase the years you were out of school. All you can do is go forward wisely from here. These private schools with their astronomical tuition rates and lousy NCLEX passing rates are the very definition of a foolish choice. Sometimes shortcuts are not all they seem.

    The time is going to pass by no matter what. I would encourage you to accept that, work diligently and reap the rewards of your efforts for long years after you graduate instead of being neck deep in debt and no better off financially than you are now or perhaps even worse. It doesn't matter if you make $10 more per hour if all of that is going to pay off loans.