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Need advice about going back to school..

  1. 0 Hello I am currently an LPN in PA. I am already 30 grand in student loan debt 10,000 from my first year of college and living on campus. I was except for an LPN to RN bridge program which is going to cost an additional 25,000. Good new is my employer will pay about 10,000 but I am trying to decide if an Associate RN degree is worth a total for $45,000 in student loan debt. It will be at minimum a $4.50 an hour raise if I stay at my hospital. I know I can make it through school I guess I just need help deciding if it is worth it. Any opinion would be appriaited. I dont think I will get any financial aide because I Make over 30,000 a year, not married, and have no kids.
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    Yowza!!! Is that the least expensive bridge program you can find? I agree, it doesn't seem to make economic sense to go into that much debt for such a low return on your investment.
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    With no husband and no children ... I would be willing to move if necessary to find a cheaper program.