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I already have a Bachelor's in Sociology and a Masters in Public Health (Epidemiology). I am currently pursuing an ADN. If I pursue the MSN, I have to wait a year and at the end of two years after that (total 3 years), I'll be... Read More

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    I am in kind of a similar situation. I have just graduated from an ADN program and have a prior advanced degree. The thing I see about nursing is that it seems to be imperative to have knowledge from the ground up. Your ADN will train you up to be a great acute care nurse; probably more focussed towards this than the BSN. The BSN seems to incorporate more management and community health training. I didn't know this prior to starting the ADN, but I'm very glad to have made the choice I did. If you are more interested in clinical vs. managerial or administrative nursing, ADN is great, and you can progress to the MSN, without a BSN. MSN opens many doors to you. I firmly believe that it's better to have some time on the floor before doing MSN. I'm sure this is the best preparation for upper level clinicians, even if it's only 1-2 years (on the floor). I'm heading in that direction too and I will know more once I'm full-time on the floor... from July, and looking forward to it :stone .

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    Quote from blkdawn
    ... ADN program is 15 months long and the BSN program is a full two years...Besides, the ADN program offered a night/weekend option and the BSN's around here didn't. I'm not willing to give up my day job to go to school full-time. The BSN also costs more per credit. I also had a really hard time going back for a Bachelor's degree when I already hold a Masters...
    You absolutely made the right decision.

    Good luck!
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    Quote from topcat1234
    ba in sociology
    mph master's public health
    adn registered nurse
    ph.d organizational leadership

    and then perhaps become an adon or don or research...
    sense this is the way to go for you, if you don't mind putting in the extra study.

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