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Moving to Nursing Dept.

  1. 0 Im writing a letter to my current department supervisor (health information management supervisor) as I am transferring to the nursing deparment as my first job as a nurse. Should I give a standard 2-week notice? wouldnt that be considered as quitting? I am not, im just moving departments in the same company.. im confused to what to write.
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    As it is within the same company, wouldn't they already know about your move.
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    same company. my supervisor doesnt know yet as I only talked to the DON. Im writing a 2 week notice to my current department supervisor. She's aware than Im moving.. shes not aware that its in 2 weeks
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    I do not see why you would have to submit a 2-week notice for a departmental transfer within the same company. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to verbally tell your current supervisor that you are transfering?
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    In such cases, a letter is usually not necessary -- as the employer will handle the transfer process. However, I do think you should talk to you supervisor and confirm your transfer date, etc. It also would be a good idea to write a nice note thanking him/her for things related to your current job and possibly confirming the transfer date. Don't use words like "resigning" etc.. Talk about "transfering to the nursing department," etc. Then it will be clear that you are not terminating from employment -- just switching departments.
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    First time being transferred to a different department in all of my professional life so I dont really know thats why Im asking. Thank you for the help.. I have told her verbally and she knows I'm leaving. I just thought that a 2 weeks letter is just standard way of cutting off professionally from a job.