Moving from the exciting, challenging floor to...where?

  1. Hello All~ To put it simply, I'm looking for an RN position that is Monday thru Thursday. I work at night on a med surge/telemetry floor, and I've been an RN for year and a half. Love my patients (all six of them) enjoy my co-workers, but am tired of never feeling like I'm working safely because of how many patients we have. Is this just the same everywhere? I don't mind working hard or eating lunch 7 hours after arriving at work, but it's not fair to the patients and I feel helpless. Second, sharing custody with kid's father, I need my weekends open. Do most hospitals require wknds? Better to look at doctor's offices? Kids number 1, even before pay and continued learning, as I do on the floor. Appreciate any thoughts, even remotely related. Each week I've been applying for jobs, but wonder where I should be concentrating my energies. Girlfriend got job in post surgery, 4 patients, and most of all, stated..."I don't feel sick on the way to work anymore"!!! Also, so many want the wknd shift that she doesn't have to satisfy this quota. Sigh. Help?
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  3. by   chloecatrn
    Most places are going to require weekends, or at least every other weekend, unless you can get into something like a doctor's office. The pay will likely be lower in a doctor's office, though. A free-standing surgical center might be another place to look. Good luck!