midlife career change advice?

  1. hello!
    this is my first post to allnurses & have been a fan for several months.
    i finally started an adn program, after many years in the lab as a geeky scientist.
    here is my main concern & why i'm posting: not being sure how to make the most of this career change & have a smooth transition. (aka - getting a job when i get out of school!)

    what directions are possible from an rn with a science background? the bsn doesn't appeal so much now if the main advantage is to have a 4yr degree & get into management. the price plus clinical opportunities are what drew me to my adn program (which is great so far!). i am familiar with the accelerated programs, just not sure if they'd work for me -they seem extremely intense & i'm afraid it would take a toll on my me/family/etc. plus cost $$. i'd rather save the $$ for my kids schooling & try to get out of school without my own huge debt. any advice??? having fun with the smilies can you tell?
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  3. by   Jules A
    Definitely take your time and enjoy getting your feet wet as a new nurse when you graduate with your ADN! The only reason I'm getting my BSN is as a step toward being a Nurse Practitioner which will provide me with flexibility when floor nursing starts wearing on my back. Congrats and good luck.