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I'm an experienced LTC resident care manager with a case load of 40 residents right now, 13 of whom are skilled/rehab patients, another 12 are young adults with drug/ETOH/failed suicide/psychiatric issues, and the rest are... Read More

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    RNherbal: What kind of job did you find that you can do at home? Working at home sounds like heaven on earth.....does it involve nursing? I do love what I do, but the stress is literally killing me. My blood pressure is out of control again even on several meds, I can't stop stress-eating (and I've never been anywhere close to thin in 20 years), and I'm on an antidepressant AND an anxiolytic. Problem is, I'm still raising kids and my husband makes only $9 an hour, so I literally am the only thing standing between us and the food-stamp line. If there is another way that I can make a decent living without all the stress, I'm taking suggestions!

    Thanks so much to all of you who have responded to my posts; it helps a great deal to know I'm not just being a whiner. I guess I'd lost my perspective; I was actually beginning to think it WAS me and not the job that was the problem. Love to y'all!
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    I have such a tremondous amount of respect for what you do. LTC is a hard place to be...lord only knows you are there ALOT!You guys are angels.
    I wish I had an answer for you. I can only agree with the rest. Put your foot down...they will only take advantage of you as long as you let them. Plead health decline. There is NO reason that they should do this to you. If all else fails can be happy and do what you love...remember that. I can feel your stress by merely reading your post, imagine what your family and patients must be one wants to see you so pressured. Except your coworkers of course They have to realize that this is taking an effect on you. Keep us filled in...I am curious of what becomes of this
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    Hi everyone.......I just got back from a 2-day training session that has me just about convinced that I can NOT keep doing this job much longer. My company will foot the bill for a $150/night hotel room, free meals, expensive goodies, etc. but will not hire the staff we need to meet the needs of all the admissions they want us to take regardless of how complex they are or how severe the behaviors. They think an RCM is some kind of machine, that can handle all the crap we already do PLUS the extra paperwork they just handed us at the seminar.
    I wonder what planet these people are from???

    On a more positive note, my administrator and DNS ganged up on me last Monday and told me I have to start going home at 5 PM, leaving the building for lunch, and delegating some of the charge nurse work I've been doing back to the charge nurses. Easier said than done, and I'm behind in my work big time (which is really difficult since I'm so anal about deadlines), but I'm also being encouraged to try to restructure my job so I can live with it.
    Even with this help, I'm not sure I even want to do this work anymore---LTC is tough all over, and I don't have the energy to try to change the system. But then again, I don't know what I DO want to do; my physical condition is such that I can't do floor nursing (especially with those 12-hr. shifts), and I need to make a steady income, so part-time or agency work is out of the question.

    I guess I'm stuck until I can figure all of this out, but I'm not happy about it. At this point I'm making almost fifty grand a year, which makes the decision even harder since there aren't a whole lot of nursing positions in my part of the country that pay anywhere near that much. Of course, as was pointed out to me by both my bosses and my family, that money won't do any good if I'm not around, but what the hell do you do when you've got 3 kids still in school, a mortgage, a husband who makes nine bucks an hour (and may get laid off any day now), and a drawerful of bills?

    If any of you have any ideas as to how I can help myself out of this mess, please let me know...........I'm normally pretty sure of myself, but right now I literally can't see the forest for all the @#**&!! trees.

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