Lpn to RN

  1. I have been a lpn for 7 years in mississippi. Someone recently told my grandmother that an lpn could now take the RN nclex exam without going back to school and if they pass they will be a RN. Is this true and if so how do you go about the process?
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Not true. There is an option in CA that is only valid in CA (not endorsable to other states or for federal jobs) LVN plus 30 credits and you can challenge the NCLEX RN. (The 30 credits are theory & clinical)

    The education and clinical is necessary to safely practice as an RN. It's not just passing the NCLEX
  4. by   caseyharper81
    I would have to think that an LPN with years of working experience would be more knowledgable than an ADN student. Thanks for the info and answering my question. And I understand the importance of nursing education. LPN's go to college for 12 straight months after completing the prerequisites. Maybe one day an experienced LPN will be looked at as time served and we will be given a chance to show the board that we are as worthy to take the NCLEX as any student ADN is without having to go back to school and do the things we have been doing daily at work...the real clinical.