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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have posted before in the students forum but never here. I have some questions concerning a career in nursing. I currently work in the social service field. Here is my dilemma:
    Although my salary isn't bad (I am in a supervisor position), I am very stressed and unfulfilled in my current position. I have considered getting an MSW but stopped once I took on my new position since I wasn't sure how I would handle grad work, the demands of my current job, and family obligations (I am married w/ 3 young children). As an MSW, my salary would not be a lot more than I have now but I would have more career options and I could possibly become a medical social worker which is what I really want. The only problem is that many of the "social work" or case management positions in hospitals require an RN and those positions pay a lot more than non RN positions. I think I would actually enjoy a nursing career but understand like social service/social work there is also a lot of stress, varied shifts, and "bodily stuff" I would have to deal with. Also going to nursing school would be difficult since I would essentially be starting from scratch. My questions are: For those of you with family and work obligations, how did you get through nursing school? How do you manager your current careers with famiy life? I know nursing is probably stressful but what about the rewards (not just financial)? How do you get past the "bodily stuff?" For those that are second career nurses, do you have regrets with the career switch? Any info that can be provided would be greatly appreciated
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