LNA- Is no call no show considered neglect?

  1. Today I quit my job with no notice as an LNA. My place of employment was rude to employees and caregivers spoke poorly about the residents. I was severely underpaid and I couldn't take it anymore. I got hired for a new job and was waitin fr my start date. My boss said she will be reporting me for neglect and I talked to the board of nursing in my state to see if me not showing up for my shift is considered neglect, and she said no, unless I already accepted my shift for that day, which I did not. But she is telling my co-workers that she is reporting me and she didn't take the time to call me herself to tell me those things. My question is, is it considered neglect and if so, what happens to my LNA license?
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    My state's BON would not consider this neglect as you did not accept assignment, so there was no nurse-patient relationship to be severed. Apparently your BON feels the same way, based on your call to them.

    I wouldn't worry about it. You didn't meet your BON's definition of neglect.

    If she does actually report it, the BON would do a preliminary investigation and, provided there isn't something that you've forgotten to tell us, find that there's no grounds to the accusation and close it. BONs receive tons of unfounded complaints and nothing ever comes from them. You might not ever hear anything from the BON about it.

    Now, if the BON found you had truly committed neglect (as in you had actually walked out in the middle of your shift), you'd be receiving a letter from them about these charges and what happens next. You'd probably end up going in front of the Board and yes, your license could face disciplinary action.
  4. by   jerky
    No, not unless you start work first then leave. but try not to do that, don't burn your bridges before you cross them, my mom would say.
    You never know what will come back to haunt you later, trust me, I've been a nurse for 21 years. If you give any place or person a reason to a negative on you, it will show up.
  5. by   mamawoothoot
    I've never done anything wrong during a shift, all the residents loved me! A lot of people have quit during the past few months due to poor management and lack of pay! The boss lady still thinks there's something she can report me for, but I'm not understanding what, besides no call no show, even though I told them I wasn't coming back.
  6. by   mamawoothoot
    I've never done anything wrong during a shift. I always did what I needed an the residents really liked me, but she says there's grounds to report me, and I don't know what for.
  7. by   chare
    You've spoken with your board of nursing regarding the neglect issue and have your answer.

    Regarding your former boss not notifying you personally of her intent to report you, why should she? You quit your job without notice, why do you feel that she owes you anything?
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  8. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from mamawoothoot
    The boss lady still thinks there's something she can report me for, but I'm not understanding what, besides no call no show, even though I told them I wasn't coming back.
    Don't even try to understand. It's not illegal for people to rant and rave--if that was the case, AN would have been shut down a long time ago. And you can't control what she does or doesn't do.

    I'd end the communication and move on. She will get over it in time.

    One thing to keep in mind though: it's perfectly legal for her/this job to tell prospective employers that they won't rehire you because you left without notice as it was true: you did do that. But if she's telling prospective employers that you abandoned patients, then perhaps consider getting a lawyer involved. Hopefully she will not be that foolish.
  9. by   all4neuro
    I have heard a few nurses and shift administrators warn nurses that if they don't show up it is neglect. (a late call off)
    They don't know the law, or they're hoping the nurse calling off doesn't.

    Here is another example of NOT neglecting:
    Walk onto your unit
    check the assignment board
    realize that you are assigned 8 pts. when 6 pts. is extreme, 5 pts. are considered the maximum per RN
    Refuse to take report
    Notify your supervisor of the unsafe assignment
    They will "find" another nurse miraculously
    Once you take report, you are RESPONSIBLE.

    ^^^ this is still NOT neglect. It is being proactive, and safe nursing practice. And that is what you will tell anyone that argues otherwise.
    Yes, I have done this, and no I didn't get reprimanded. I have also been an evening RN supervisor, I know there are per-diem, travel and agency staff available. The charge nurse, supervisor, assistant NM, or NM may have to take patients until a nurse arrives.
    Being assigned an unsafe amount of patient's equates to someone not doing their job, so they're dumping on you.
    Once you start taking 8 ... expect it to happen more in the future.
  10. by   tree73
    as a nurse aide/can myself for nearly four years, I was a no call no show/at a previous job I was at for barely two months. the job was pure hell/more than wiping behinds. it was more work, the messed up my pay/50 cents an hour less for over a month, and then to add insult to injury we had to take 45 mins break instead of 30 minutes because of so-called census when they were getting more people and the worked added up half my time take care of my hall and then other half fly over to memory care and help/other can oh was a caregiver I guess since it was assisted living wanted to use a caregiver title we are non-medical despite giving showers/filling out shower sheets, using oxygen tanks/never filled but I would tell the nurse no water in it/report bruises/marks on body, helping with dinner/feeding them, nurse gave me applesauce with medincine to give to a resident which is illegal since I am a caregiver, countless of crazy things not to mention unethical. caregivers work on their breaks and not take breaks you know your 15 mins you are allowed by law??? that is a joke more people to assist when in actuality half should be in a nursing home. I will not injury my back because some 80 year woman decides to eat to much and it leads to diabetes and I am suppose to strain my back to get her in the wheel chair and she refuses a gait belt, no thank you. so yes, I was a no call/no show. people will go on and on that is so unprofessional. how can I a cna but working as a caregiver work in such a unethical environment. not to mention a lot of no call/no shows at this place seems to be the norm. I cannot. you have to be somewhat happy or feeling good about working with the elderly. how many people complain, injury their back, underpaid. you make a choice and remember this place chooses to understaff and have crazy rules/regulations it is you who have to live with your decision, and yes, I was a no call no show. I saved my back, my sanity, and my mind. I will not lower my standards in caring for the elderly. I want to help not hinder my job. and remember. this is not your facililty it is the corporation who runs it. and there is no reason another nurse or person who is working cannot do what I do. it is up to them to find a replacement or hirer more people. if they choose not to it is on them not you or me who does not show up. just like if I go to mcdonalds and mary does not show up to make the fries you think mcdonalds will stop all production heck no. so when a lot of these people on here that is so unprofessional and I would never be a no call/no show do not blame the worker blame the cheap company who treats their employees like dirt. we are all only humans and we have a certain code/ethics to live by. and I need not say anymore.
  11. by   tree73
    I have worked at places, I am a cna, that you are mandated to stay over. really???? okay???? that is their request. under the law if you clock in and accept your assignment/on the clock that is your responsibility. If mary does not show up to relieve you and you have to go regardless what excuse you give them, pick your kids up. husband is here to pick you up. or merely your shift is over, you have the right to go. do not let these facility tell you otherwise, they will give you some crazy story/excuse or try to make you feel guilty. you clock out and go. as long as there is another nurse or cna you are fine. you have a life outside of work. you come first to you. it is their responsibility not your once your shift is over with. in regards to a no call/no show. you did not accept the responsibility. you cannot be charged with anything at all. I have been in a situation you have to stay over you cannot leave. I simply said bye stop me. as long as you do not accept responsibility for the job. even if you go to work and said this is not for me and did not clock in you can go even if the worker you are suppose to replace is crying and saying I am tired, you can just go. making barely ten bucks an hour and they will try this on me I do not think so. do not let these people make a fool out of you. there is no reason they can do the job you do. they feel wiping behinds is below being a nurse. regardless you go home and do not let these jokers mess with you let the joke be on them..