Leaving the OR after less than 6 months

  1. I have been involved in an internship in the OR and this is my first real nursing job, I just graduated this May. I went in thinking I would really enjoy the job because of all the cool surgeries, but now I don't think it is fitting for me. I miss the patient interaction a lot and now that I have an idea of the actual nursing duties in the OR, I am not fond of it. The job is doable, I don't hate it, I don't enjoy it though. I know many people say try to get a year of experience, but I am not sure if that is the best option. If I did decide to leave, it would be hard to find another job as I don't have much experience. What is your advice?
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  3. by   anayo
    Well that depends...before you think of leaving, you have to consider what specialty interests you. You could stay for the remaining of that year while exploring what specialties and doing job searches that accommodate your interest. If you stay for a year it will possibly make your employer believe you won't ditch them as your old job or make them wonder if you are interested in patient interaction why didn't you leave sooner? It all depends...but my advice to you is to never stay in OR past a year because employers believe by then you have lost your clinical skills. My friend was in the OR for a year and a half and wanted to apply for bedside nurse position but no facility would hire her and since then she has been trapped in the OR for six years. But think of your choices before you jump in a new job that you don't like.