Leaving a job before the training process is over?

  1. I recently was offered a full time 11-7 shift however it was not what I expected. I am still during my training phase and have two interviews lined up which I believe I will be offered the job, I am going to wait until I am offered a job before I leave however how you you go about leaving a job during training?
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  3. by   KatieBug713
    I had a friend leave during her training, she spoke with her manager and told her it was just not for her (explained her reasons) main one was the 12 hr shift. I believe she offered to stay two weeks longer if they needed but they let her go the next day. There was no sense in them keeping her on still in training because that was no benefit to them and was just costing them extra money. Hope this helps
  4. by   Sun0408
    Many are let go after notice is put in. You are not on your own yet so you are not part of the staffing. Be careful, doing so many place you on the "Do not hire" list. If it is a large company, this may pose a problem in the future.
  5. by   Ms.MayaRN
    adding my 2 cents. I was terminated into my 8 week orientation. Hospital administrators, Managers, DON, ADN, they don't care they will fired you without a reason or the reason may be "your not a good fit" .

    As to the "Do not hire" list there is no guarantee you won't be added to that list at the end.
    Only thing I can tell you is follow your Instincts.

    best of luck and don't trust anyone in your unit keep to yourself if you decided to leave tell them someone came up . It is professional No. are managers playing fair, or professional .No