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  1. What are some great laid back nursing positions? I've been a nurse now for 2 years and I've been working at an inpatient hospice facility since I graduated. It has really been the perfect job for me because I work PRN with close to full time hours, and is super laid back. I rarely have to talk to doctors (I have doctor anxiety), but the doctors here are super nice anyways so that helps a ton. However, we are undergoing a transition with new management, and they have changed our staffing ratios so the availability for me to work just went way down. Now I need to look for a second job to make up for the hours I'm losing. I would go full time but the set schedule doesn't work for me.

    I guess my 2 biggest concerns when searching for a new job are:

    1. somewhere where I will have minimal contact with doctors
    2. Where there's the least amount of emergencies (I don't do well under pressure)

    i Would prefer to not even do bedside nursing at all, but with my lack of experience, that's probably not likely. Anyone have any ideas?
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  3. by   CoolKidsRN
    In most traditional nursing jobs, you have to interact with doctors. In this day and age multi-disciplinary communication is extremely important. In addition, non-traditional jobs outside the hospital in the private sector (i.e. Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.) have good hours and minimal MD interaction. This doesn't necessarily make it a low stress option. Given your 2 years of hospice experience, you still need to gain more exposure in a traditional nursing setting (acute care, outpatient setting, etc.) prior to moving into a non-traditional setting. Bottom line: nursing is high stress and you will have to learn how to adapt to this working environment. Avoidance is not the solution.
  4. by   mkpatl
    You could give psych a try! It won’t help with your doctor phobia, but you might enjoy the change of pace. I was working Med/Surg then got on with an agency doing local placements. I had them place me in a psych facility to try out something different. I wouldn’t say "laid back", but for me it is a welcomed change… for now. It’s worth a shot if you have any interest. You could try calling a couple agencies in your area that do local placements and get on with one that you feel good about. They make it easy to try different environments, work a lot or a little, and can help keep you working when one facility stops using PRN/Agency staff, they can place you somewhere else. They also might have some ideas about different types of placements you hadn't thought of. I wish ya luck in the hunt.
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