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Ok new job after a few hard months of searching. Just finished orientation and have heard alot of buzz about being called off. I have always been fulltime but took this part time job because it was in my specialty and was told... Read More

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    Hiring for full time and then calling the employee off is rampant. It's a win/win for the employer. Having more staff than you need means the higher paid employees are only getting half the amt of hours. While the newer lower paid employees are getting the other half of the hours.
    Nobody wins but the employer. Yippee!

    As far as unemployment goes, every state is different. I can work one 12 hr day a week and still make too much money to get unemployment. I can't quit because there are no other jobs right now.

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    No...no 401k..didn't work.fulltime until 2002..Honest..traveling.doesn't appeal to me at all. I'm 58 and love my home :: (
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    Yea that sucks imintrouble..
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    Make sure you know the hospital policy for cancellations and verify that it is being followed. Some places cancel per diem and part time first, others use a rotating system that includes all RNs on the unit. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. Keep track of the days you are canceled so that you can compare reality vs perception. If your unit uses a grid to put the dates for cancelation it might not be kept up accurately. it happens. You will only be eligible for unemployment if you lose your job. . . not if you still have a job but are being canceled frequently (at least in California) and not if you resign because you are being canceled. No one is "guaranteed" hours in most employment settings.

    If you need the hours, make sure your unit manager AND the charge staff/ staffing office knows you are willing to float to other areas, are available on your days off to make up hours, maybe available for different shifts.

    You can sign up for agency but the reality is that if places locally are canceling staff, they may have less need to use agency and you may find yourself driving long distances for the work. Agency are also the first canceled during the shift if census tanks.

    As others have noted, these cycles are usually cyclical. Specialty areas are often more cyclical than med-surg areas so depending on your specialty area you might want to look if you need to update skills/time management for med surg or similar areas.
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    Well unfortionately being cyclical doesnt help me pay my bills. They come regular.

    And yes they do have a book and keep track. But me being the newest hire will get screwed first. No way to avoid that.
    They won't just float me anywhere else in the hospital..I work Labor and Delivery..and altho I have lots of MedSurg experience..they just won't do it.

    So this is just a bad situation all around...

    The reason some of us work specialty area's is that we Hate MedSurg. I mean Hate it. So yeah I would do it IF they let me to assure myself of work and pay..but no way do I want to be a permanent nurse there.
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    One other thought after I posted. Make sure your co-workers know you are interested in picking up shifts. Depending on their situations and your hospital policies, they might be more than delighted to have a day off (probably would need to use their vacation time to cover it) and let you work. If your employer allows staff to split shifts, see if they want to stay home and get their kids to school in the morning and let you work. Just don't play the "poor me" card as it will probably guarantee a cold shoulder.

    I did all of the above myself during a situation when my husband was not working and I was "part time". I actually ended up working full time for about a month to cover the family income.

    I am a unit manager now and all of the above switches/ trades/ coverage of shifts are allowed on my unit.
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    Jody, I am not sure if you are working in a union environment but it feels odd that the newest hire is always the first canceled unless it is something in the union contract. I would certainly check the policy on that one to be sure it is a housewide policy and not a unit based decision without HR support.

    I will make the assumption that if L&D is slow, OB must be equally slow.

    I can't force you to love med-surg. Only you can make the decisions for work that are appropriate for your family and your needs. If you have made your dislike for med-surg (well) known, it might explain why you are not being floated, vs they are using staff from other areas to cover needs that have more recent experience in med-surg areas.
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    No I have not stated there that I hate MedSurg. I was an LPN for over 30 yrs before going back to school for my RN just so I could make more money obviously and work in specialty areas. No one from our unit has been floated.
    I don't know if they allow any split shifts..but I'm new so don't know all the rules. Yes they're shutting the OB (postpartum) floor and putting it into the L&D area. So yes one affects the other.

    And nope its Not union. I've actually never worked for a union hospital.. yet =)
    But the "management" has stated in a meeting that the laying off if necessary would go by seniority.
    So I'm finding that the staff that has been there for 25-40 yrs..yes 25-40 yrs lol..have no worrys. Those of us who are newer are flipping inside.
    I work for an agency and they don't seem to have any work for me either. I just dont know what to do. I Love .. I mean Love working L&D..but will do what I have to do.

    Jobs are far and few between out there..
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    Yes, layoffs typically go by seniority although there may be exceptions including long term employees in disciplinary actions, LOA folks etc that MaY be laid off first. I just find it a bit odd that all CANCELLATIONS are going by seniority (unless you are the only part time person) as well.

    Take a good look at what is going on in your local area to figure out why and what may be occurring that so heavily impacts your L&D. Is there a new hospital competing for business? Do the OB docs indicate business is slowing down? L&D is one of a few areas that can make good predictions for upcoming census based on the OB doc records! Is your local population affected by employment issues and holding off starting a family? Is your population aging?

    Good luck!
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    Sorry you misunderstood..cancellations aren't going by senority..just potential layoffs..

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