Just passed NCLEX - Graduated 3yrs ago, now what?!?

  1. I just passed my NCLEX, litterally yesterday. My mom and aunt are both nurses, as is my best friend. Immediately got the questions, where do you want to work? What area do you want to go into?

    I graduated three years ago, and it was a very, very bumpy road to get this far... between family issues, sick parent, my own obsticles. I never thought I'd see the day where I had to answer those monumental questions. I don't even have a resume yet...

    I was on toss up of what to do now that I have passed. I was told by several people that I should go into Med/Surg, and build up my skills. I was also told if I can get into the area i'd like, to just go, that you will have Med/Surg no matter where you are...

    I am extremely overwhelmed, and have no idea what to do next!
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  3. by   HouTx
    In today's job market with the surplus of new grads in most areas, new grads are pretty much grabbing at any job that they can get. You are probably going to have a major challenge explaining why there is such a long gap between your graduation date & NCLEX... which appears to indicate that you haven't been in a clinical environment for the last three years. This definitely puts you at a disadvantage. Since employers do not expect new grads to have any clinical job experience so your "resume" should just reflect the type of work you have done over the last few years.

    I would advise you not to be too picky - don't limit your applications just to hospitals.
  4. by   JenG984
    That's fantastic advice! The gap was always something I was afraid of explaining... I have been working in a doctor's office. It's no clinical experience, but it's something. And being picky was definitely not something I was planning on, believe it or not, I do know a few who were and got stuck at Med/Surg and are miserable.... why be a nurse!!

    I never thought about applying outside a Hospital, great pointer! Thank you