Just moved and expecting a baby

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    A little background on me. I graduated from college with my BSN in May 2008 and have worked full time from then until November 2012. I have one year of Med Surge and three years of Emergency Room experience. My husband is in the Military and we moved to a new base in December (which is why I left my ER job). I have not been able to find work in my new area and I recently found out that I'm pregnant with our first child. I have always wanted to stay home with our children when they are small but I am afraid that If I leave Nursing it will be impossible to get back into the hospital when I am ready. I have considered working PRN or Per Diem until the baby comes but jobs are scarce in my area.

    Confused on what to do. Should I keep applying? Am I screwed if I leave the field for a few years?

    Thanks for your advice
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    Hi! Congrats! Its really up to you-I would maybe try to do something prn just to keep some experience. I graduated in 2007, worked a few years and had to leave to assist my family in their business. After 2 years of being out of nursing, I was getting rejections left and right because I had no recent experience. I've been looking to get back in for the last year (now I've been out 3 years) and still nothing. I have certifications, am a member of nursing associations and none of it seems to matter. Now I'm being advised to take a refresher course for $1500 for even office jobs! I've never had a hard time finding a job and thought nursing jobs would be always be plentiful but I guess I was wrong. If you can, try not to be out too long. I'd hate for you to go through the stress I'm going through!
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    Get a per diem job to keep you up to date and minimal time lapses on your résumé. Good Luck!
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    Congrats on the baby!

    I agree with PPs. A PRN job is the way to go. Even if you don't work very often, being 'employed' by a PRN Agency looks waay better on your resume than inactivity.

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