Job Offer in Acute Dialysis in NJ-Salary??Help Job Offer in Acute Dialysis in NJ-Salary??Help | allnurses

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Job Offer in Acute Dialysis in NJ-Salary??Help

  1. 0 Hello all. I was recently offered a position in acute dialysis nursing for $32/hr. I was expecting $35/hr so I was not thrilled. I'm still going over the pros/cons in my head so I wanted to touch base with you and see what starting salary would be considered "good" for this position. I am a fairly new grad with one year experience in chronic dialysis. I understand the challenges expected with acute patients and would like my salary to be in conjunction with my efforts. Input please!
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    Is the pay on a 40 hour week or a 36 hour week? I would be cool with it if it was on a 40 hour week because it equalizes. I don't know much about dialysis nursing, and idk if dialysis nurses work 12 hr shifts or 8 hr shifts.

    Does the pay go up after you gain some experience or is it going to stay at that level?
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    you can either choose 3-12s or 4-10s. and on any of those days you can be required to do OT based on the census. the pay goes up $1 after 6 months