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Hi everyone, Im currently a sophomore in college, and trying to decide if nursing is something I really want to pursue. I've been debating for almost two years now, and i can't make up my mind..i'm going to list reasons I'm... Read More

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    Know that Assisting is different than Nursing with a license, but,...

    (As far as my SNA* experience) It does help! It helps soooo much in the preparedness of your clinical areas or "practicums." You get a "birds-eye-view"of the Nursing Profession- and if you get to work different units, you can graduate already knowing your desired specialty!

    *SNA- Student Nurse Assistant

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    I agree with two of the previous points, simply because nursing is a very challenging career, and that doesn't even take nursing school into account (but, it does help prepare you for the actual job chaos!).

    Volunteer - you get an idea of what you're getting yourself into, and that gives you a chance to talk to nurses and find out their thoughts and perspective.

    Go for a CNA - if nothing else, its a stepping stone into nursing, both with education and experience.

    I love nursing, but, it isn't a career for everyone, and nobody should jump into anything that has such extensive educational requirements and job duties if they aren't really sure!
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    Lol, you def. sound like me.. switching majors and going RIGHT back to nursing. there has to be a reason you go back to the same thing right? so stick with it! maybe start at an LPN level (better than CNA pay) I personally kept swapping between R.N, EMT, radiography, funeral arts and CSI (i dont even know why the last one was on the list honestly) I guess i get over curious. Im not squeamish with blood or wounds or anything, its actually more so have to deal with fecal matter.. lol. ANYWAYS, your telling your self that you truly want to do nursing because your going back to that each time. take stepping stones if you have too! I absolutely loved the medical classes I took in high school thats when I truely wanted to become a nurse, i found it fun and got so excited to take blood pressure haha. Do what you think you will enjoy most! BTW (I am more of an english person too) always hated science classes, though I did not mind anatomy and learning about diseases and I suck with math. Teach your self to love them anyway!

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