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Going to school working your butt off to become a nurse and may not even get a job.Its hard trying to work and do school.How do you get through these hard times and find motivation? ?... Read More

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    Dont worry about being a good "male nurse".... just be a good nurse.
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    I agree with ArgentumRN. Being a nurse is primary and being a male nurse is secondary. Actually, I appreciate working with a nice mix of make and female nurses. I know MANY men who are excellent nurses. Concentrate on school and pass those boards. Everything else will fall in order in due time.
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    I struggled with the same thoughts!! But nursing is all I can see myself doing. And that concern (job, market, employment, etc) applies to all fields. The market is bad everywhere!!! Let's just keep our heads up and stay focused on our goal -- which is getting through nursing school and getting our license! Then we can worry about the rest after hehe
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    You won't get any guarantees about being able to find a job no matter what you major in. Times are tough and the cost to benefit ratio of a college education has never been lower than it is right now. There are things you can do to help yourself be more employable, the largest of which is to build connections while in school. Best of luck whatever you decide.

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