Is a certificate worth it?

  1. Disregard, I hadn't had enough coffee when I posted this....
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  3. by   wonderbee
    Do you mean an Associate's Degree a/k/a ADN or ASN? It's not a certificate but an actual college degree. A good many of us are getting our ADN/ASN through the community college. A BSN will provide more opportunities for administrative nursing and open more doors later but the ADN/ASN, in the short run, will get you to the same place when you graduate. Many of the credits can transfer to a BSN bridge program down the road.

    Someone is mistaken. There are no certificate RN programs... at least not in the US. There are diploma programs though.

  4. by   Coffeeman
    Oops, Sorry. I was confused between the NCLEX certification and the Degree program. Yes, an associates degree, though I don't know if it's ADN or ASN. Actually that clears up a lot of my questions. I've read the alleged salary differentials posted around here. ohhh boy, I need more coffee then I'll try to make sense of all of this.