Interviewing. . . .THEN MEETING WITH HR? ? ? Interviewing. . . .THEN MEETING WITH HR? ? ? | allnurses

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Interviewing. . . .THEN MEETING WITH HR? ? ?

  1. 0 I have been offered an interview however, they said after the interview I will be meeting with HR. I heard it's really difficult to get an interview for the position I applied for so I am hoping that it is a good sign that I will be meeting with HR after the interview. Is this a normal process? A good sign? Or am I reading too much into this? lol
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    I think it depends. I am not a nurse (yet) but I have worked as a PCNA (patient care nursing assistant...basically a glorified NA) and I currently work as a nurse tech. For my PCNA job, I met with the manager first, took a tour of the unit and everything...then I met with HR afterwards to complete all of the paperwork and everything.

    For my nurse tech job, however, I interviewed with HR first (just a basic general interview and also to tell them what areas of nursing interest me the most) and then had to wait a couple of weeks before I interviewed with my unit manager.

    Either way I hope it works out for you. Good luck!
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    Thank you! I hope it works out too. I have a connection within the hospital and she has been putting in some good words for me. : ) It's for a nurse internship program for new RN grads. I really, really hope it works out because it would be a great first job.