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  1. I just completed a phone interview for an RN new graduate program at a major hospital that included 4 scenario questions. Would anyone have some insights on what should be done if presented with the following:

    1.) Pt is 6 hrs post-op and back on med/surg floor. Pain is 4 on a 10 scale after receiving all PRN meds. The spouse at bedside is very agitated concerning the pt's pain. (NOTE: I started by asking what the pain was immediately after surgery or at any time prior and the interviewer said I was making it more complicated than it was.)

    2.) Pt is a 59 y/o female w/pneumonia. Pt becomes confused. Husband insists they see a doctor right now. (NOTE: I started my answer by assuming the confusion was d/t hypoxia r/t inadequate ventilation.)

    3.) You are at a “pod” with 12 patients. There are 3 RNs and 1 NA. You have 3 pts assigned to you: one that is vomiting, one is requesting to ambulate, and one whose family is requesting that the bed be changed. (NOTE: I was puzzled as to the significance of having 3 RNs. It would seem that they are busy with their own pt’s and that this would not affect how I handle my 3 pts.)

    4.) The doctor gave an order to DC the oxygen on a pt, which you did. Three hours later the pulse-ox is 87-89%. (NOTE: At this point, does it matter what the doctor’s order was?)

    I stumbled through some answers on all of them but in looking back I wish I was more creative, thorough, and organized. What do you think the interviewer was looking for with each of these questions? What points should I have made sure to hit? Any responses, however brief or elaborate, on all or some of these scenarios would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   netglow
    I would not have stated a nursing diagnosis. Those are for school and otherwise silly people.

    What you do is state your course of action.

    1. Re-assess patient: vitals quick physical assessment. Focus on the surgery. What type of surgery. Could her pain be related to a complication? Could repositioning help? You probably would call MD, but would need to have gathered info prior to call.

    2. Raise head of bed. Listen to lungs. What is the rate and character of breathing. Take vitals and 02 sats ASAP. What PRN meds prescribed? nebs?

    3. Check your vomiting patient first. Let the family know you are coming, or see if the CNA is free to change the bed second, ambulate last.

    4. No. Raise head of bed, listen to lungs What is rate and character of breathing, take vitals. Put patient on 2-4L 02 and call physician.

    This is what I'd do.