Interview questions for assitant nurse manager job

  1. I am having an assistant nurse manager interview and really want the job but i have only been a floor nurse and have no expiernce in management. Any advice so i can ace this interview.
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  3. by   preppyrn
    Like any interview, you've got to bring your best to the table. What do you have to offer? Sure you may not have nursing management experience, but you probably have management experience somewhere else. School? Past jobs? Even just delgating tasks in your current floor nursing position. Think about the leadership qualities you believe they need and see yourself having those qualities. Think about situations where you possessed and demonstrated leadership qualities - being able to delegate, fair, trustworthy, etc. You don't need experience to be the right person for the job, you just need to show why you are the right person for the job.
  4. by   DixieRedHead
    Think "fresh approach", "dialed into the needs of floor nursing" "ideas I have wanted to try."
  5. by   Jolie
    I understand your desire to get the job, but would encourage you to think more about how you can succeed in the job if you get it. Towards that end, remember that an interview is a 2-way street. They need to sell you on the position by describing how they plan to support you in a transition to a new and very challenging role.

    Why is the job open? What is the history of this position? How long has the previous person held the job and why is s/he leaving?

    If you currently work on this unit, what difficulties can you and the administrators anticipate in your transition to a mangerial position overseeing your peers? How have they dealt with these challenges in the past and how will they assist you?

    If this is not your current unit, why has no one from the unit been selected as the new manager? Did no one express interest? (A bad sign). Was no one qualified?

    What special qualifications are needed for this position?

    What type of classes or training will be provided regarding budgeting, staffing, scheduling, handling disciplinary issues and other managerial duties?

    What duties will you have outside the unit? (Most managers are required to participate in hospital-wide functions such as QI, patient satisfaction, JCAHO preparation, writing common P&P, etc.)

    What are your expected hours and compensation. Do not expect a M-F daylight schedule. Most managers are required to be available to fill staffing needs 24/7 if no other solution can be found. If you are salaried, will you be provided with comp time when your work demands 50-75 hours per week?

    Who will be your mentor. (You should have an identified go-to person, either your supervisor or another manager, whom you can contact at any time for guidance.)

    Just a few thoughts to get you started.....
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