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  1. 0 I am BSN with 12 yrs experience, strong resume and recommendations, looking to return to adult critical care (CCU or MICU). I've been out a few years raising children, and am surprised at how much the interviewing process has changed!!
    I have applied at an academic institution. It has taken them two weeks to post on their website "You will contacted for telephone interview", and since then at least a week and a half and STILL no call. Now, I read on their website that this will involve multiple interviews, one requiring a web cam! Behavioral interviews are new to me. Can anyone who has any experience with these types of interviews give me some advice about what I should expect? ESP. regarding ICU. While I certainly remember meds, I don't recall some doses! Might I be given any kind of test? Where should I focus my studying? Already BLS certified, ACLS pending next month, studying AACN "Essentials of Critical Care". WHat should I expect? Any advice as to how I can prepare are GREATLY appreciated! THANKS, HELP!!!
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