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  1. Hi everybody.

    I'm a Peruvian nurse that is currently living in Alexandria, VA. I'm a licensed RN in Peru and worked for a few years in hospital and clinics. Currently I'm going through CGFNS to get a RN license in Virginia. I arrived in the U.S. last year and while I'm doing the paper work for the license I tried to find a job in the health sector but unfortunately I can't get a part-time job. I understand that I can't work as a nurse without a license but I figure with all the nurse work experience I have I would at least get a job as an assistant nurse or nurse aid. Unfortunately I'm not certified and if I'm applying as laundry aid or food aid they said I'm over qualified when they see my resume. I would love to get a job so that I may continual be able to use English in a work setting especially in a medical sector. Can someone please let me know what to do because at the moment I feel I'm in no-man's land and I don't know what to do. Also I have a Green Card which allows me to work.
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    Hi Sulyan!
    I am in the exact opposite position. I am an American RN with 3 years experience in California and now living in Lima Peru. I am here for a year and plan to do volunteer work. My spanish is at an intermediate level pero no es bastante bueno para obtenir un puesto como enfermera. Ademas, no quiero la responsibilidad ni el horario de las enfermeras aqui.
    However, what I recommend to you is GO EVERYWHERE! It is totally possible to get a job in the states with the experience you have. Please keep trying. We need RNs and RN assistants so bad in California. I know that if you go to 2-3 places every day, eventually you will talk to the right person and get a job doing something in healthcare. Suerte!
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    hi how are you doing ???

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    Helathcare facilities that may consider hiring IEN nurse awaiing license into tech positions like personal care assistant, companions, wellness staff include assisted living, personal care homes, homes for developmentally delayed/ mental health, dental offices. Apply for credential as Certified Nursing Assistant can apply to skilled nursing facilites and home health agencies.
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