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I put in my two weeks and followed through with it. Is it legal to deem me ineligible for rehire?... Read More

  1. by   HouTx
    Hmm - I agree that you need to ask HR about your termination status. Someone may have just clicked the wrong button. But since most organizations do ask about termination status as part of their pre-employment checks, this is a very important issue for you.

    Relax about the 'pick up last paycheck' issue. This is a common practice because they want to do some sort of follow up stuff - could be just a checklist to make sure they got your name badge back or they want you to do an exit interview.
  2. by   053108
    Here is the most recent update. I have a very long drive to the main office of my previous employer, so I contacted HR by email first. I sent out 3 emails. No response. So I called them, the lady I spoke to first gave me another number to call b/c all she could see was "ineligible for rehire." So I call the number, get the same response and they give me another number. I call that number (3rd one) and get the same response only he tells me he is going to give me the main HR phone number. I call her and get no answer but leave a message. I have now left 2 messages and get no call back and no response, no emails, nothing. This is very unprofessional in my opinion. I have also contacted my previous boss to see why she would put me under "ineligible for rehire." She has not contacted me yet either. I plan on making a trip to HR on Friday since I have to drive up anyway. I'm not looking for employment anytime soon but I would like to know why I am ineligible for rehire...maybe I could work on my problem if I have one. And there has to be a reason right? The reason is not that the company doesn't rehire, they do rehire.
  3. by   053108
    I don't know if it was mentioned here or elsewhere but I read that the company doesn't have to give you a reason. If they hire ppl back why not give a reason? Shouldn't there be a reason you don't want that person back? And why not tell me the reason why I'm not eligible for rehire but tell the person who may hire me next? I don't understand that? Or is the company just going to simply state, she is not eligible for rehire and that is that? It makes no sense to me. I'm pretty frustrated with the run around I have gotten all week. I have other things to worry about too. I mean a simple email would be nice. They could just say, we don't give that info out. Oh and I asked the guy (3rd person I spoke too) if they were allowed to give the info or reason and he said it should have been given to me on my last day or close to it. Well, that is another mess up!