I'm so discouraged

  1. So I graduated Lpn school Aug. 2. It is now the end of October and I have yet to receive my att. The bon says it's beca use I checked yes on the question of "have you ever been under investigation." By law, anyone can file a complaint. So that's what's holding me up. I'm so discouraged hurt sad angry. Im working as a cna. I hate it. I feel like I continued my education so I won't have to do this crap anymore. No disrespect intended. This is just how I feel. I feel like my letters on my name tag are all wrong. I come home sore and angry everyday. I've been studying so that I will ace the nclex but it feels as if I will b a cna forever. I'm literally at the point where I would rather work at MacDonalds Wal-Mart or any other place. I don t know if I'm seeking advice, encouragement, motivation or anything. But every response is greatly appreciated. P.s. sorry for the long vent.
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    I'm so sorry your going this situation. I really don't have an answer on what steps you need to take. I will say this don't give up. Contact your BON and find out what you need to do. You have worked to hard for this! Pray about it as well! I hope everything works out for you! I will pray for you too.
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    Thank you so much. I truly needed to hear th at
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    Your welcome..keep your head up!!